Unknown Facts About Emiway Bantai

Updated: May 7, 2020

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“Kaam chaalu studio me…Seedha band darwaja…

Maa baap mujhe miss karte…Bole beta ghar aajaa….”

These lines are so relatable and amazing and it was given by one of our best hip-hop rapper of India named EMIWAY BANTAI. So let’s have a look at some interesting and unknown facts about EMIWAY BANTAI. Hope you will pour your love for your own EMIWAY BANTAI. So, here our journey begins:

EMIWAY BANTAI, a killer combination of a wholesome student and outstanding hip-hop rapper. Emiway is immensely popular in gaining more hearts day by day. Story of Emiway bantai is just like a filmy thriller of Bollywood. Gully boy is one of the examples to show hard work and dedication of Indian hip-hop rappers. After the release of gully boy, hip-hop rappers are in huge demand and everyone wants to hear something different from these rappers and Emiway is on the top of the list.

- Story of his name

Bilal Shaikh is the real name of EMIWAY BANTAI or we can call him SHAHRUKH SHAIKH. Usually everyone get amazed after hearing the logic behind his stage name Emiway Bantai, Once he was questioned about the story behind his unique name, so he explained that "Emiway" is a compound name borrowed from those of his two main idols- Eminem and Lil Wayne - adding "Bantai", meaning "dude" in Bambaiyya Hindi, to give himself more street creed.

- Why he chose Rap?

The question is how he came up with the idea of being a rapper so, here is the answer to this big question, One of his classmates helped him to know about rapping when his friend was singing one of eminen’s song NOT AFRAID in class and Emiway innocently asked him, “who Eminem? ”- which was met with the laugh of desertion. After realizing who is Eminem, he started listening to his song again and again. He learnt that song by heart and after 2 years of his hard work, he sang that song in his class and everyone was amazed after listening to his song because he had learnt that song by heart and there was no line which he does not remember of the song. He was advised by his classmates to start writing his own songs and that’s how we got this amazing rapper with us.

How his game changed ?

After the suggestion from his friends he wrote his first song which was GLINT LOCK but it wasn’t captivating enough because the problem might have lied in the fact that the Mumbai rapper chose to express himself in English, a language that seemed dissonant to the subject matter of his lyrics. He got a positive response from the viewers but unfortunately, that song was not hit. So, his father advised him to write raps in the Hindi language if he wants more views and attention. Then after releasing that bantai word is very popular on the streets of Mumbai he got an idea to write rap by using that word only. So he released AUR BANTAI and as expected this song was a game changer for him. He got more than 2 million views and suddenly he was one of the amazing Indian hip-hop rappers.

SAMAJH MAIN AAYA KYA, a diss track he released last year about mainstream rapper Raftaar, got a staggering 44 million hits, for instance. The success of this song evoked inevitable interest from commercial labels and even the film industry. But he refused them because he wants to grow independently in India. He said, I’m not running after money, I want to show people that you can make it on your own. You don't need the support of the label. Just believe in yourself and your work, and keep doing it consistently and he proved himself by joining his name in top 3 rappers of India.

So, if you’re searching for some amazing Indian hip-hop rapper so go for EMIWAY BANTAI because he is the best….

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