Top 5 upcoming poets from Pune

The spoken word is taking off all across the country and there are some cities that are at the very heart of this new trend- Pune.

A scenic place littered with small towns and cafe's, Pune is a poet's dream city with many communities such as the yellow room taking off many individuals have taken the city by storm, here are some of them to watch out for

1. Jahanvi Sharma

An aspiring poet and lawyer studying in Symbiosis, Jahanvi is spirited and loud about topics that are often spoken in hushed tones. From writing about love to patriarchy this young poet covers it all. Check her out.

2. Hrithik Rai

A self proclaimed poet, writer and storyteller don't let his sweet face fool you- this guy cuts with his words as sharp as knives. A brilliant and deep hindi poet whose performance will surely blow you away, meet Hrithik.

3. Ishjot Singh

An engineer by profession but a poet at heart, Ishjot is a gem. His poetry is heartfelt, genuine and rooted in self introspection. He performs in Hindi and English, Ishot is role model for all the people who don't let their love for words die even after getting into corporate jobs.

4. Kanhaiya Panigrahi

An active member of the Pune spoken word scene you can always find Kanhaiya at some poetry event performing with his heart on the sleeve. While he is always smiling his poetry often touches tragic truths of modern society.

5. Tushaar Laad

A man of many talents, Tushaar Laad is a poet, storyteller, anchor,freelancer and entrepreneur. His poetry reflects this variety, he is a master performer and wonderful writer . See for yourself!

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