Top 5 Upcoming Singers of Pune

Pune is known for it's deep cultural roots, it gives competition to the nation's capital as the cultural heart of India. Within this culture is also rooted a long lasting tradition of singers, here are some people who are carrying this tradition into the modern times and making us Punkears proud -

1. Tannish Jadhav

You will not believe that this guy is only 21, he sings deep songs with a masterful understanding of tone and a unique style of his own. He does various gigs in and around the city and has an active social presence, meet Tannish.

2. Harshini Iyengar

Another youngster taking the city by storm Harshini is a nightingale. She sings sweetly and in a mesmerizing way. A self proclaimed fan of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Harshini masterfully mixes the modern with the traditional. Someone to definitely look out for in the coming years.

3. Karan Sirsat

You can call him "Karan Sir", he is man of many talents. A guitarist, music producer, song writer and singer Karan knows his music in and out. He is a master performer and is known around the city for his popular Bollywood mashup songs. Check him out!

4. Aabhas

Aabhas is a free spirit. He is uninhibited by the normal and his singing is anything but, mundane. Though not a professional singer this man certainly has the talent should he choose to be. You just need to listen to him sing for 2 seconds and you will be hooked.

5. Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh is the last person you would expect to be included in this list, no, not because he doesn't have talent but because he is so talented in other areas as well it is a miracle he has been able to hone his skills in singing as he has. He is a successful entrepreneur founder of the block chain school and is only 23! Damn. Check him out!

So these are the men (and women) who are shaking it up in the city. If you are interested in the cultural side of pune do subscribe to this blog and our YouTube channel

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