Top 5 Employee Recognition Ideas for Your Company in 2021

At the heart of every organisation are the Employees and their Recognition plays a vital role in where the company stands today.

Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated.”

-Robert Mcnamara

A study done by SHRM clearly indicates that Employee appreciation prominently impacts the retention rates, productivity and workplace culture positively.

Employee Recognition Ideas for Your Office

Inarguably, with appreciation and recognition, employees are more engaged. They are motivated, and thus, bringing positive energy to the workplace which ultimately leads to better organisational performance.

So how do we actually carry out an effective employee recognition plan?

From a very small age, every person likes a little appreciation from their parents, mentors and teachers, which boosts their morale for doing what they are passionate about. It engages the person and drives them with a desire to do more, perform better and be rewarded for the same.

Same is the case with an organization, where employees seek greater rewards than just a paycheck, i.e. appreciation and recognition for their work.

Lack of appreciation and recognition always creates a negative impact on the business. For instance, a disengaged employee will never be able to live up to the expectations of the customer which affects the customer satisfaction levels of the business.

In today’s blog, we have collected 5 best Employee Recognition ideas for your company till date. They are easily applicable and help improve the workplace culture in the long run.

1. Employee Recognition Program

An employee recognition program will develop a workplace performance-driven culture which is strategically aligned to the primary business objectives.

Research by SHRM suggests that employee recognition programs empower employees and get them more involved, which produces a sense of belongingness across the organisation.

This program will not only aid in employee appreciation but also prioritise business objectives, which induces better organisational performance.

2. Non-Cash Employee Rewards

Who doesn’t love rewards? Rewards and recognition have always been hand in hand.

If your employee has put in some extra working hours to reach a tight deadline, the best way of appreciating their efforts would be by rewarding them. While monetary rewards may not always be feasible, you can show your appreciation with gift cards and vouchers.

3. Office Games

It is a very unpopular idea, and it thrives on the execution. Weekly surprise office games are a great example of recognition activity as well as a team-building exercise.

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Corporate Parties to Enhance Employee Motivation

4. Corporate Parties/Events

A corporate family is not less than an individual’s family. The more you’re connected with your fellow coworkers outside the workplace, the stronger the bond you share with them.

Organising small parties inside the workplace or hosting big parties for them at a venue is something which will be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

This pedestal also rises on building relationships outside the workplace, celebrating success, reduces stress and keeps them happy and motivated.

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5. Internal Email Campaign

Internal communication within the organisation is very healthy as it makes the employees feel obliged, thus creating a sense of inspiration to work harder.

For instance, a small pop-up prompt on everyone’s desktop saying ‘You can’ puts a smile on their faces, making them enjoy what they do.

Do you know if your employees are appreciated enough?

Employee Appreciation Enhances Workplace Positivity

Recognition with the right ideation and action will completely change your company’s culture. It’s the little things which matter. Because a simple ‘Thank you’ can also impact your employee’s personal productivity which in turn helps the overall business.

Recognition has no monetary value, but has to be frequent, personalised and authentic towards your employees.

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