This Artist Mix D.J With Dhol In Pune.

Updated: May 7, 2020

DJ FAITH, is a pure punjabi DJ, who is changing the party culture of Pune. DJ faith is known for his innate dance style which he mixes with his music and has brought a new trend of bringing Dhol players inside night clubs with his D.J set in full of enthusiasm. This creates an instant connection with people, making him a favorite with the crowd. A Few of his Bollywood mixes are also popular in the DJ's Circuit. His Ability to interact with the crowd and energize them is a fantastic experience worth having.

 DJ Faith has set his mark with the Pune party scene for more than a decade now. He believes in thinking out of the box which is clearly portrayed in the music he delivers and his performance.

This Punjabi lad, started his journey in Pune in 2009 after completing his mechanical engineering degree and now he’s a successful and renowned DJ of Pune. Most of his followers are North Indians living in Pune who attend most of his parties.

Our team took interview of one of his regular party visitor Mr Paramjeet Singh in which he said that - “ D.J Faith takes me back to my pind vibes (village) with his hard core Punjabi music and this sometimes become an emotional moment for me”

DJ Faith has been given the title of “king of bhangra” in Pune because of few major events where he has set the stage of fire. He has also opened set for Bollywood starts including Guru Randhawa and is known for his mix of classic, Electronic dance music (EDM), Bollywood & not to forget Punjabi music which makes him win hearts of people around.

DJ faith believes in spreading music with faith and to make people feel the power of music in their veins and spread the most important feeling of all 'JOY'.  Popular among all age groups, especially among youth. 

Now it’s time to celebrate your life events with one and only bhangra king- DJ FAITH.

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