The Comedians- Who left the USA to pursue stand-up in Pune

Updated: May 7, 2020

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Pune’s stand-up scene is getting massive traction in recent years and artists are taking up all the risk of their pre established carriers to gain the bigger pie of this industry, and now Pune is acting as a major hub for such talents.

We will introduce you to one such story of Sukhvinder Kumar and Akshay Joshi both hailing from north India and selected Pune to be their talent playground despite of having a successful career in the US. They have managed to make a major mark in the field of stand-up comedy at national level now and yes we can bet on this, its an inspiring story.

How it all happened?

Now, let’s go back to their story, Sukhi and Akshay met each other back in 2014 while working on a play for their theatre club ‘Nautanki Shala’, quite an interesting name right? These Nautankis have decided very early in their IT career that they don't want to be stuck in a corporate job. But then their destiny took them to America (Sukhi in Oct 2014 & Akshay in April 2016) on the most desired H1B Visa.

As per them, Life in America was nice but they always wanted to come back home. Both of them were in different cities and states but were in constant touch to collaborate on different short films, plays, videos, gags. As they say, once you live in America it is hard to come back but that was not the case for these creative minds.

After their arrival in India in Feb 2019 (which was not at all an easy decision by any means and it is hard for people to believe that how two people can leave the great American dream like it)

Their individual story follows below :

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Sukhi, a towering personality @ 6'2 is a trained theater actor and has the experience of performing at multiple stage shows, directing numerous plays/acts/gigs in India and the USA. He formed his own Theater group, Nautanki-Shala in 2013 which is very popular in TCS Pune.

He believes in engaging, entertaining and providing his audience a unique experience of fun, art, and learning.

As he says, "Just give me a stage and mic and am sure will make your night"!

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Akshay, a true Indori from heart and soul, feels the joy of life by creating magic on stage. He is experienced with performing/writing and directing a variety of plays, short films, and gags in different genres. Owner of a proud youtube channel, Akshay has hosted a number of wedding sangeets, corporate shows, and cultural events. For him, event hosting brings so much learning and satisfaction after anchoring the whole event. The most unique experience for him was to host a radio show for almost 6 months in America apart from regular hosting/comedy gigs.

Akshay and Sukhi are now successful full-time Hosts / Performers / Standup comics having hosted and performed in multiple corporate, Cultural and social events. Their specialty includes crafting and creating content as per audience needs.

You Can contact them for bookings on below numbers or social media handles :

Akshay Joshi : 9826421013 / instagram -

Sukhi Kumar : 8007801160 / instagram -

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