The Best Guide to Selecting 'Employee of the Month'

Finding it impossible to decide who is the best employee of them all? This article has everything you will need to choose your perfect Employee of the Month!

How Employee Appreciation Increases Productivity

What is 'Employee of the Month', anyway?

The Employee of the Month(EOTM), simply put, is the employee who has worked the best in that month. And while this may sound incredibly easy, putting it into action in real life is, in one word - complicated. Why? Because we’re human!

The HR Managers, team leaders, the employees themselves - everybody is very human and has very human qualities like biases, set beliefs, flaws, and differing perspectives.

We can never really have a group of people sit down and decide the Star Employee among themselves with zero error of judgment.

So, why even bother?

Saying Thank You - one of the simplest examples of employee recognition

The very same reason why it’s difficult. Because we’re all human. And what do humans ABSOLUTELY adore? Yes! Sincere appreciation for their efforts. Employee appreciation and recognition is an integral part of any work culture.

It is what propels employees to hustle and give more and more to their job. The EOTM program is one of the examples of employee recognition methods to let employees know that you really value what they offer to the organization.

Then, how exactly?

The perfect judgment does not exist. But this guide here will help you look as far beyond human fallacies as possible, and choose the best Employee of the Month. Read on!

1. Clear Objectives

How does your organization expect its employees to perform? Is monthly performance linked with the number of goals completed each month or their quality? Does your organization allow employees to deliver self-paced or within fixed timelines?

What does your organization value in an employee? Dependability? Attendance? Productivity? One should necessarily be fulfilling these expectations and criteria to qualify for EOTM.

Wanna reach work in time and be the best employee in your own office? Here’s how.

2. Strict Guidelines

Care should be taken that the decision is not influenced by whims or emotions. A proper procedure should be in place and all employees should be aware of the same.

The procedure should, in fact, be nothing short of being sacred. Non-adherence by people passing the judgment should be called out without fear.

Rules are essential for choosing the Employee of the Month

3. Define Rewards

Employee appreciation is best displayed with physical rewards. Some rewards and recognition ideas are - gift cards, curated gift boxes, table plants, plaques, discount coupons, and so on. Gifts keep employees motivated towards working for the coveted EOTM position.

Here are some ideas on the perfect gifts for employees to boost their morale.

4. Check Discrepancies

For every four Yes’s, there will always be a No. Surprisingly, this one No is actually what helps a decision to make the cut and come as close to being correct as possible. Apart from the regular committee that decides the EOTM, there should be a No-Objection committee backing the decision. This ensures transparency, inclusiveness of perspectives and rules out favouritism and unfairness.

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