Is Valentine’s A Perfect Day To Celebrate “Needs And Greed’s” ?

Updated: May 7, 2020

The government may not change in 2019, but the Valentine culture should!


As said wisely “India is a land of Kamasutra” and Indians are always good at changing cultures.We can hear the bells of Valentine’s day’19 ringing loud and is carry a secret message for all of you this time to changing the culture and celebrate the real needs of your valentine.

As trends suggest us by a survey done recently there has always been a 40% increase in demand of adult products and adult toys each year on valentine’s day and the market is soon to touch a sales figure of a billion so the major players of this market will not leave any chance to advertise in everyone’s mind that valentine’s is the day to celebrate the needs and greed’s of both of you. Also if we follow the same trends shockingly in tire 2 cities like Indore or Kozhikode each year the number of couples going out on valentines have an estimated increase of 200% each year.

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This simply means that this day is turning hot for both couples and business, due to which event organisers in the city of Pune are organising some crazy events out of the box to fill in the market gap, which will change the concept of valentines to you. Organising a locked room theme event is one such example followed by ‘a 5 star hotel in Pune” where you will be locked in your room with no way to escape with your partner and no lights, just your senses to feel your partner which all facilities provided. Our team, took an interview of Mr – Sam (manager) and he said that “THIS CONCEPT IS NEW TO US AS WELL AS WE ARE ALREADY HOUSEFUL WITH ABOUT 70 COUPLES REGISTERED SO FAR AND I AM NOW TAKING BOOKING IN WAITING “. Also a yoga centre in Pune is on its way to organise the first ever partner yoga concept during this valentines week where they partners who have trouble getting along will use yoga as a power to fell the urge of their partners. Surprisingly both the events are now fully booked. This shows India and Indians are ready for an adult revolution and get intimate this Valentines.

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And what is wrong in it? Indians are working like never before and the stress level in working professionals is at its peak followed by the misunderstandings that come along. We have seen the same situation in Japan where as we all al, couples are not happy and the suicide rate is increasing every day, and we do not want the same for India, so its very important to spend the moments of pleasure with your partner and Valentines can be the key to open the awkwardness for the same.

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