How To Be On Time For Work Every day

Updated: May 7, 2020


After a lazy heartwarming Sunday night my body was in no mood to wake up to the allergic strokes of the morning 8 a.m.After a constant struggle with my mind and body I finally managed to open my eyes after taking a nap for 5 minutes(which I assumed it to be) just to realize that it was 8:40…oh my god I freaked out because my office was around 40 minutes driving away from home and I had to hell get ready!!!!!

I somehow managed to get ready and reached office at 9:30 after a good scolding from my boss I lost the cool of my mind and thus the day was ruined. I returned home introspected and reflected on my actions these are the lessons that I learned. brings to you major changes which you can bring in your schedule, then somehow you can manage your time better. If you too are constantly rushing to reach office on time, so here are some fabulous tips so that you never be late again.

TIP - 1 Be honest

If you're late, be honest. Did you oversleep, forget to set alarm, kids made you run late? Integrity is what every company wants. When you lie, you break that trust and that will upset an employer even more.

TIP -2 Scheduling your confused mind

Always be aware of your schedule for the next day, try to work out an arrangement around the clock. Keep post-its attached on your fridge and door constantly reminding of your following days schedule. So you wouldn’t be in a rush and wouldn’t miss out on valuable things.

Tip 3 – Planning and planning and planning and …

Take into consideration the time of day that you will be traveling, and always add enough time for travel delays and other problems that could crop up, such as finding parking or getting lost if you are heading out to an unfamiliar destination.

The best way to avoid being late would be to leave home early time of half an hour ahead before your actual work time.

Tip 4– Morning time is to relax! seriously

Don’t check email or voicemail. One message leads to another, and another, and next thing you know you’re knee-deep in your inbox. Stop checking e-mails and voicemail at least 10 minutes before leaving — they can wait until you reach your destination.

Try to minimize household activities, other duties and responsibilities in the mornings by doing as many the previous night itself.

Tip -5 Consider ironing in morning a criminal act

Keep your clothes pressed and ready, keys in place to avoid spending time on searching for it just before you leave. It has been found out in researches that ironed cloths in morning increase your chances to reach office on time by 70%. So keep your cloths ready to be the good guy of your office.

Tip 6- One Alarm .. Just one alarm

Studies have shown that when you snooze alarm in morning our brain adapts to it and when we wake up after 5 alarms or so, we feel exhausted and tired which makes our day dull and we fell difficulties to sleep at night. Cultivate a habit to stand up straight in the first alarm you hear.


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