How To Be On Time For Work Every day

Updated: May 7, 2020


After a lazy heartwarming Sunday night my body was in no mood to wake up to the allergic strokes of the morning 8 a.m.After a constant struggle with my mind and body I finally managed to open my eyes after taking a nap for 5 minutes(which I assumed it to be) just to realize that it was 8:40…oh my god I freaked out because my office was around 40 minutes driving away from home and I had to hell get ready!!!!!

I somehow managed to get ready and reached office at 9:30 after a good scolding from my boss I lost the cool of my mind and thus the day was ruined. I returned home introspected and reflected on my actions these are the lessons that I learned. brings to you major changes which you can bring in your schedule, then somehow you can manage your time better. If you too are constantly rushing to reach office on time, so here are some fabulous tips so that you never be late again.

TIP - 1 Be honest

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If you're late, be honest. Did you oversleep, forget to set alarm, kids made you run late? Integrity is what every company wants. When you lie, you break that trust and that will upset an employer even more.

TIP -2 Scheduling your confused mind

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