5 Ways to keep your employees motivated during this pandemic

Updated: May 7, 2020

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When there is a global pandemic going on it’s hard to keep positive and motivated and your employees are also, probably finding themselves in a situation they never dreamed of being in,

With the past a ghost and the future uncertain, how do you make most of the present?

Here’s a list of few things you can do to keep your employees motivated and productive during the COVID-19 crisis

1. Be vocal about appreciation

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When the government is reducing worker’s to “essential” and “non-essential” employees are questioning their self-worth and the value they can provide to the organization, they are also aware that the possibility of lay’s off is high and this thought process can make them depressed and less likely to work productively.

You need to provide validation, appreciation and reassurance at every step.

2. Offer Employee Perks and Discounts

Incentives go a long way in motivating employees, it’s the oldest trick in the book but your company finds itself in a position unable to offer financial incentives so what do you do?

This is the time to get creative, find out what corporate deals from various brands you can give away or cashback offers or subsidized insurance plans, tie-ups with hospitals, gift cards, subscription plans and anything, even small things that you think will make them happy. Better something than nothing right?

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3. Build communities

This is a scary time for many reasons, one of them being the fear that comes along with being lonely and studies show that loneliness kills. You can help your employees by helping them foster communities.

On a formal level this can mean giving more collaborative work so people have to team up or having video conferences, on an informal level you can do a variety of things whether it’s making office virtual hangouts relevant to particular interest’s like “Pubg room” or ‘Game of thrones fanclub” “Moms of the office” or you can start happy Thursdays where employees can video chat and drink while sharing pictures. This will bond them to work and live better.

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4. Promote physical and mental wellness

Whatsaap university is no joke and fake news harms. Consider a company newsletter which comes out every week with all up to date information, procedures, protocols etc but apart from fake news you should also educate your employees on good mental and physical health practices.

Perhaps have a blog dedicated to it and send it every alternate day, one day on mental health practices and the next day at home workout routines they can do. Be a safe, reliable source which they can learn from.

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5. Just Listen

This is probably the first thing you are taught as an HR is how to listen effectively. Your employees have a lot of concerns and questions and feelings. You should create an atmosphere where they are willing to talk to you about it.

Provide them with weekly feedback forms on how you can better their WFH (work from home) situation, ask them to grade the different measures you’ve taken so far, ask them how they want to go ahead with this.

Every organization is different and just by reading online blogs like this one you won’t be able to solve all the problems that are arising with this WFH situation, you need to identify what is working and what is not and do your best to create a positive, motivated workforce that takes care of itself as well as the company.

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