Fun Games To Play In Office.

Updated: May 7, 2020

5 Team-building Games To Play In Offices

“Organization isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.”

Christina Scalise

For being a successful company one needs to work hard and play hard. Playing games can help your employees to learn things like teamwork, unity, communication, trust, etc. games will help them to know each other better. They can have some fun at their workplace only instead of any other place. So if you want to be successful you have to unite your employees and have to take care of of their needs too with these games you can achieve this goal effectively and easily.

Situational jenga

As an HR manager, you can try something called personalize jenga. Everyday employee faces a numerous number of problems while performing their regular tasks. some employees know creative ideas to solve these problems but there many who stuck here. to help these employees you can personalize your Jenga set and can arrange this small game at your workplace. On each piece write out a workplace scenario that your employee encounter daily. Each employee will pick a piece out of the Jenga set and tell the group how they would solve this situation.

Weekly yoga sessions

Yoga is very essential for health and it can help you to increase your concentration level. You can arrange weekly sessions of yoga by inviting a good yoga instructor. Yoga will help employees to have some free time which can be productive in the long run.

Verbal wall game

To make your employees believe that they are in good company you need to think some creative for them. So to the the same you just have to bring one whiteboard or blackboard and ask your employees to write some words or expressions like “late night”, “work travel”, “working together”, “my first day”, “my best day till date”, “extra work”, etc. now call your other employees one by one and ask them to pick any word and share some of their experience using these expressions. It will help your employees to know each other and will increase their trust in each other.

Tug of war

To represent teamwork and unity you can arrange tug of war outside the office for your all employees. Divide your employees into two teams and then start the game. It’s an amazing team building activity in which everyone has to put equal effort if they want to win or want to be successful.

Doctor- doctor help me

Doctor doctor help me game

To improve communication and increase creativity you can try this game which is known as a human knot. When I was a kid we used to play this game we gave it a name “doctor-doctor help me”. You have to give instructions to your employees and they have to listen to it carefully and have to follow the same. One should hold hands of two different persons next to her/him. The goal of this game is to untangle everyone forming the human chain with breaking the circle. If the chain breaks your doctor (manager or employee) will fail and you have to repeat it again.

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