Facebook Office Outcasts Google Office In Facilities! Find out how..

Updated: May 7, 2020

You must have heard about google office and the crazy employee facilities provided by them. Now Facebook is all set to outcast Google in facilities.

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If someone asks you, do you want to start your professional career as a Google employee or a Facebook employee? what will be your answer?

To clear this doubt dealsforcorporates.com is here with some interesting information about both the offices in India which can surely help you to decide which organization is best for you.

Facebook and Google are considered to be the best location to show your professional skills. Employees of both companies are immensely satisfied working there. offices of Facebook and Google have some interesting things which make them best among other companies. both tech giants are extremely competitive in their pursuit to hire the unbeatable and the incomparable talent, earning the position as best places to work. Once you have cleared the extraordinary interview process at each respective company, a number of breathtaking perks, great compensation, and most likely extreme contentment in your new job await you.

But somewhere Facebook beats Google offices in numerous ways like leading perks of parents, a smaller team, more meaningful work, etc.

Unique interior:

Picture credit- Xconomy.com

Because of the overall open plan in their Facebook offices, Mumbai office is also designed in that way only, everyone works out in open. there is no cabin system, except meeting rooms. there are a lot of standing desks, which can boost creativity and productivity of employees.

The Facebook Mumbai office has a modern and funky architecture, with decals on the walls and hanging boards with Hindi words. There is a strong wall culture within the office and everyone scribbles their ideas on the walls or whiteboards seen all over the office.

Google's Hyderabad office is something like a 5- star hotel. The steel slide lands into the area all the way from the first floor, making quite a splash right at the onset. The Ground floor cafe called ‘cafe D’art’ is where the Googles start their day at with gourmet breakfast, live Omelet counters, fresh juices and a forever-brewing cup of coffee.

interiors of both the office are unique and different in their own ways. you can't differentiate between both.

leading perks for parents:

Picture credit - nerdwallet.com

Facebook and Google have back scratching perks — unlimited food, a vibrant office environment, easy transportation — but Facebook is one step ahead of Google, especially in the parenthood department. if you're a working parent (mom or dad), then Facebook is the best place for you.

According to their old policy, the new mother can have 12 weeks paid leave as maternity leave.

Last year in the month of November, Zuckerberg also announced that Facebook’s policy of offering four months paid leave to new parents will be applicable to all employees.

Smaller team for more growth opportunities:

Picture credit - Officechai.com

As we all know, Facebook and google appoint brilliant employees to work for them but google forms a team of 60,000 people and Facebook 24,000. in Facebook office, the smaller team of employees helps the management to check the work of every individual regularly. It helps employees to learn new things and which is very important for their growth in future.

Whereas in Google office, unless you're an astonishingly talented engineer who gets the chance to create something unique and new, chances are you're simply a guy/girl with oil can greasing the cogs of that machine.

Income comparison:

Picture credit - bankrate.com

Income can't be a criterion to select any company but it can help to select the best company. A software engineer at Facebook earns about ₹ 7,343,541- ₹11,592,061, while a software engineer at Google earns ₹ 5,542,251- ₹ 11,791,457. If you start your career with Facebook there is a huge possibility to get started with a boost.

Employee satisfaction rating:

Picture credit - Nbrii.com

Employees from both tech companies are happy to be there, but Facebook has an edge over Google. Reviews include employees' opinions on work which they perform for their employer, advice to/ from management, and recommendation, their CEO, and key workplace attributes like career opportunities, compensation and benefits, culture, and values.

Based on the above employee's reviews, companies received overall ratings on a scale of one to five, with five representing the most satisfied employees. Facebook scored 4.5 out of 5, while Google scored 4.4.

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