Eye Exercises for Computer Users

We have come up with top 7 exercises which can help you relax your eyes so that you can keep working on the screens for a long time.

We don’t work in a pen paper era any more and we are Surrounded by SCREENS everywhere ,whether we are at our homes or our work place. The technology might be a boon for us but also it can cause problems sometimes .

One of the most common problems for the people using screens for a long time nowadays are staring at the screen for a long time leading to headaches ,double vision, lazy eye, eye pain or strain,dark circles,weak eye muscles,dark circles and redness in eyes.

Office people are often the victim for such problems as they work for a long time in front of their computer or laptop screens, and this may cause discomfort in their eyes which may also lead to problems such as headache, Which may ultimately lead to less productivity in your office and a sense of discomfort to you as well. So here are they-

1.Palm Eye

This is a simple exercise that you can do anywhere. Just rub your palms together for 15 to 20 seconds and when your hands are a bit warm keep the heels of your palm over your eyes. Repeat this a few times and it will give an instant relaxation to your eyes if you have been working for a long time on your computer screen.

2. Trataka (The yogic focusing exercise)

Yoga has proven itself for a long period of time and trataka is one of the best exercises for those people who are continuously working on the computer screen for a long period of time.

For this you can sit on your chair, extend one of your arm away from your face with your thumb open, And one of your palm close to your nose with your thumb open.

first look at the thumb away from your face, and slowly change your focus to the thumb close to your face. Repeat this 5-10 times. This helps How to Train Your eye in changing the eye focus from a distant view to a closed view and also improves the eyesight. However , you should avoid it if you have eye problems such as cataracts.

3. Eye Pressing

This exercise helps to relax your eye muscles. it is very simple to perform this exercise, Just put your fingertips Over your eyes, and press for 10 seconds gently and slowly let the pressure release. Repeat this for over 5 to 10 times.

4. Figure of 8

This is a powerful exercise to improve your eye movement. For this you can either print an image of 8 like this, or you can also use your thumb and move it making a figure of 8 . You have to stare at the movement of your thumb or at the image of 8 you have in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions.

5. Slow Blink

While you Work on your laptop or your computer, you often don't blink for a very long time and this can cause irritation and pain in your eyes.

You can take a break from your work for a minute or two, and practice slow blinking which will relax your eyes and make you feel soothing . This also relaxes your mind.

6.Close Eye Rolling

This exercise can help you when you feel extremely tired, and don't feel like you should look at the screen. Just sit back on your chair and relax, close your eyes and let your I muscles relax and try looking around with your eyes closed. you should keep your eye movement in a circular motion .

7. Pencil Pushups

Pencil push ups are recommended by doctors to the people who have undergone any kind of vision therapy. This is a simple exercise which can be done at any place with help of a pen or a pencil.

You just have to hold a pen or pencil at your arm’s length and Slowly move the pencil Close to your nose till the time where you cannot see a single image of the pencil, and then hold the pencil till the point where a single image is visible for 10 seconds. You can repeat the process 20 times.

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