Updated: May 7, 2020

The beans talk café is an new place in Viman Nagar which offers you an beautiful ambience which helps you to release your stress, you can hangout with your friends, you can go on dates with your loved one, you can have a small get together with your family, etc. the main specialty of this café is, they provide you all the facilities which you need for an informal meeting of your start-up. Being a start-up friendly cafe it provides a meeting place with round table conference setup and other resources required during meeting to use. It is extremely spacious and definitely an ideal place for informal corporate meetings and start up meetings to be held. The cordiality and hospitality exhibited by the staffs working at Beans Talk Café is amazing and work on a principal of “Take your time” where you conduct your corporate meetings for extended times along with chef special drinks.there is no disturbance and this quality of their café makes it suitable for corporate meetings.

The beautiful craftworks and interior decoration of this café makes it even more pleasing and alluring. Furthermore, they also provide visitors with essential facilities like whiteboard, markers etc. for meetings to be conducted in an efficient manner.

Some of the comments of their visitors are as follows:

1) Food blogger by profession, Miss. Kavya Singh said,

This place has beautiful ambience, staff is very polite and sweet, food is amazing, etc. Tried their paneer bao which was fresh and flavorful. The chef offered us a complimentary dessert which was supposed to be their latest addition. It was great experience and will definitely come back again.

2) Exploreit- research consultancy is an start-up of Pune, members of this start-up visited this place and they were amazed after seeing such an amazing facility for informal meetings. Providing markers and white board was the unique characteristic of this café. Polite behavior and best service makes them an great place to conduct informal meetings.

Moreover, It provides a wide range of food catering to people from all walks of life. Being situated in the second floor, it has a balcony as well which provides an excellent and cozy ambience to satisfy our cravings for marvelous food. Their professional and experienced chef has carefully come up with the recipes of unique varieties of scrumptious fries, sandwiches, tea, coffee etc.

They offer great packages at affordable rates for corporate meetings to be held. These packages include food, drinks and even deserts. For conferences, round table, white board and markers of great quality are provided for free.

Number of People Package Cost in ₹ (includes drinks ,food and deserts)

8 ₹ 3600

10 ₹ 4500

15 ₹ 6750

20 ₹ 9000

In addition to that, several companies that have conducted their informal meetings and conferences in The Beans Talk Café had given positive feedback's and customers and employees look forward keenly to have more of their meetings to be held in here. They also have a very captivating rooftop where open mic events or even a small stage could be set up there for the corporate meetings to be more engaging and lively for its employees. The entire café is well lit with adequate space for the corporate meetings to take place without any restrictions. It is a fully air conditioned café and hence, it is a perfect location to have meetings in all seasons including summer. There will definitely be no disturbance from the outside area as the café has soundproof glass windows and doors. Thus, The Beans Talk Café is one of the best options to spend your money and time worthfully.

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