Updated: May 7, 2020

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As we go through life, it is easy to get caught up in the

status quo. You start to believe that average is

acceptable and that since others are settling, it's okay to

do the same. As soon as you notice this starts to happen,

something must be done to snap out of it!

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“Average” is no longer synonymous with that which is

common, but rather what’s unacceptably and

humiliatingly “normal.” Normal, which means, below the

new “average,” meaning to be unreasonably and

universally seen as accomplished– a completely

impossible feat. But we’re expected to play different

roles. Live different lives depending on the company

we’re keeping. External validation is the most immediate

gratification, and we’re still at it’s whim almost everyday.

We assimilate ourselves to appease others and adopt

their ideas of ideal as our own. The problem is that

nobody gauges “perfect” or dignified by how happy

someone is, and even if they did, they’d still be wrong,

because happiness cannot be a consistent measure of


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As soon as you start accepting the fact that you are

average and you are okay, suddenly the whole world

comes to you and start telling you all the things you lack

in. The fear of being an average your whole life grows

stronger and you start losing your self confidence. But


There are a lot of people in the world who are as

ordinary as you and me are but are still successful.

If you are still a teenage and you have some kind of

interest in any field I highly recommend you to start

gaining knowledge about it. Surely at the beginning you

will be average but that's totally fine. As you start

acquiring more knowledge about the same and have the

passion to take it forward, you are going to succeed.

No one succeeded in one go! You have to make sacrifices

in the beginning. YOU HAVE TO BE AVERAGE, to gain

what you want. YOU HAVE TO BE PASSIONATE. All you

need to do is believe in yourself and fight through all the

difficult times to be what you want to be.

All I want you to know is BEING AVERAGE IS TOTALLY


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