5 Reasons to attend Straight Outta School

Updated: May 7, 2020

straight outta school poster

As we all know the bells are ringing loud for Straight Outta School vol.1 which is happening on 6th July at Unwind Pune.

So, we bring to you 5 Reasons why you cannot miss this event.

1.) Techno act by D.J ANITEK

pune DJ atnik

When it comes to techno music, no one want to miss it out. So here comes one of the most famous techno artist in Pune D.J ANITEK playing live for a 45 minute techno set at Straight Outta School. He is all set with his music to drizzle you all on the beats of Techno music.

Catch him live 9 pm onwards.

2.) Get ready to dance on Bollywood and Punjabi hits

people dancing

A wise man once said, party without Bollywood is a drink without ice. Hence the event will have a 2 hour set of desi music to make sure you all have the best dancing memories of your life, and all of that under the most famous trippy party lights of Unwind dance floor.

3.) Its a Sun-downer

girl singing

Worried about going back to hostel on time?? Nothing to worry about we are here to sort it out. The event will start from 6 pm onward. So if you are worried about reaching back on time, you can still join us and enjoy the melody of live performance and mark your presence at the event.

4.) Love rock bands?? We got you here

man singing

Its not all about the dance floor here. We have some amazing live singers along with a rock band performing on that day to make you all fill up insta stories with some amazing content.

5.) Award for the best dressed up

swan princess cosplay

Wana dress up like never before for the party? Go ahead we have a gift for you. Surprise gifts are awaited for the best dressed up male and female.

6.) Free Welcome drink

monster energy drink

Yes you heard it right, a free monster energy drink for all. Get boosted up and get your batteries charged from the start.

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