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Did you say Party? We heard DFC! is the best friend of the HR department in any organization. We collect the best corporate party deals offered by hotels and restaurant in Pune and compile it so that HR departments or any corporate can hover around the best party places for corporates.


To ensure client satisfaction and loyalty, DFC delivers high quality and unique experiences beyond expectation. DFC aspires to create long-term faithful relationships with its clients by providing exceptional services that produce an overall extraordinary event experience.


Delasforcoporates aim to deliver exceptionally high quality, value-driven services to its clients. DFC intends to create a revolution in the corporate party sector and provide corporates' best services at the lowest price.



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My name is Pranay Sonkar and I am the founder at, the one stop solution for corporate entertainment services in Pune There is a huge gap in quality for what corporate expects and we at DFC passionately work towards providing best quality corporate entertainment-based services. Deals for Corporates have been a reliable name in anything and everything that has something to do with corporate events.

Firstly, we provide corporate party deals for your employees at the most compatible prices and at quality certified venues, along with that we also assist the HR department in Fun Friday activities and corporate sports events. We are continuously working towards the aim to become the go to destination for any corporate event requirement.


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